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  • Welcome to Prepare for Parenting...

    What we want to discuss/share here (from API's home site):
    The remarkable journey of new life is a positive, transformative experience. Pregnancy offers expectant parents an opportunity to prepare physically, mentally, and emotionally for parenthood. Making informed decisions about childbirth, newborn care, and parenting practices is a critical investment in the attachment relationship between parent and child. Education is a key component of preparation for the difficult decisions required of parents and is an ongoing process as each stage of growth and development brings new joys and challenges.

    Preparation for Becoming a Parent

    * Continuously educate yourself about developmental stages
    * Set realistic expectations for both parents and children
    * Discuss concerns before they become crises
    * Remain flexible!
    * Become educated about educational options
    * Come to terms with your own childhood, seeking professional help if it involved abuse or neglect