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  • Discipline

    Let's talk about how AP makes discipline easier with our children, so those who are new to AP can see the rewards

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    i'm truly starting to see AP work for our family!! i see the rewards already in my son who turns three in Nov. Bedsharing and extended nursing allowed us all to sleep well when he was an infant. We still bedshare, and this gives daddy some wonderful snuggle time with DS since he's gone to work all day. Speaking positively with my son and staying away from consequences allows me to keep my calm much of the time, my son stays happy, and we work together to find solutions that make us both happy. he's strongly attached to us both and he has TONS of confidence!!! He almost walks with a strut--his shoulders held back and his head high!! He's confident when he talks to new people and making new friends. He's adjusted well to preschool (2 mornings a week). He's a joyful child and he's very loving. I know that it's due to AP and the love, support and positive discipline he receives at home. Also, he's never experienced the stress of being forced to sleep alone, go to sleep on his own, wake from a nightmare and go to another room to find mommy or daddy. I've become more involved in AP since seeing the benefits in my own child, and I plan to use this method with all our children.