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18 mth old never sits still

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  • 18 mth old never sits still

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and have a question. I have a wonderful, active 18 mth old DS. My husband and i want to attend church regularly but seem to be unable to with DS. He won't sit still for anything. I know that is normal for his age. I bring toys, sippy and cheerios to church and even offer nursing to him. He doesn't want any of it and is impossible to keep with us during the service. I thought about the church daycare but we are new to our area and don't know anybody. I don't want to leave him with someone I don't know. Does anybody have any suggestions for while we're finding a new church? Thanks!!

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    our kids are the same, so it was important to us to find a church that's VERY kid-friendly. we go somewhere that offers childcare if you want (and you are welcome to stay in there w/them), but it is not expected. in fact, most parents do not use it. the service is noisy, kids are playing, eating, making noises. it's not a problem. we even heard cookie monster during a prayer one time and the whole church laughed. so i say find a place that's right for your family, don't try to fit your family into a church. good luck!


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      To us, church is VERY important as we are Catholic. At our small town Catholic Church, we do not have the option of child care service but there is a cry room where we go to nurse sometimes. Our son (who is now about 21 months) went through this same thing, and I guess is still kind of going through it to some extent. He is VERY busy and active all day long, and it was a struggle for a few months trying to get him to be still or quiet during Mass. So... it gets easier. I think the change in pace of getting up to nurse or going potty as we're potty training him helps his attention span (of which seems like zero most of the time ). Sometimes I'll put him in the sling on my hip and stand in the lobby where I can still hear the service but where he is not disruptive. We've also gotten him some "church" friendly toys that he only gets to play with when we go to Mass. That might be an idea. We bought him this thing called Aquadoodle. It was under $8 at Wal-Mart, and I think there was Elmo or some other characters you can choose from. You fill the tiny marker with some water, and it can only make the picture appear on the Aquadoodle pad that comes with it. And... the best part is if he happens to write on the pew, etc., it's only water. He loves it! There are a bunch of non-noisy toys that I've seen out now for ages 18 mos. or 2 years and up. That may work too. We just give him a program sometimes and one of the tiny pew pencils to write with during the service. Hope that helps, and once your son starts to learn voice inflections of being loud and quiet (probably within the next few months or so) and y'all tell him that in church you're quiet... he'll start to learn that everyone around him is quiet expect when speaking together or singing together as a congregation. I think the repeated exposure will help him also. I thought what was funny with our son one time was on our way out to potty as everyone was finished praying and saying, "Amen," our son chimed in with an, "Amen" as we were walking out the door (to which a lot of people laughed as it was cute). Children are precious and have to learn just like we all did. Remember that the service is just for a short period of time (although an hour can seem like a long time when trying to occupy a toddler), and the Good Lord is just thankful that you're there to worship with the congregation. He knows what a job we as mothers endure, and He won't give us more than we can handle. We just sometimes have to be creative in our attempts at mothering!
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        Our daughter is 17 months old. On the all-too-rare occasions that we find that we can make it to services, we take turns. One of us will accompany her to Sunday school (also their requirement because younger kids require too much one-on-one attention), and the other sits in the service. We swap each week.


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          I have functions I like to attend and my almost 3 year old still is not at where he will sit for anything.
          Not church, but quiet places. I swap with hubby but have been starting using the special toy method. This toy is only for this place, which makes it more fun to play with and keeps him engrossed for so far at the most a half hour, but it is a start.
          I know as he gets older crayons and a coloring book will probably be the way to go, but it is hard when they are small.


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            I don't know where you are but it seems to be the growing trend in the larger cities that churches are having a "formal" service and a contemporary service where the atmosphere is much more casual (coffee, donuts,kids, special needs)but we get the same sermon. I found it to be important for me that church be something we do together that is enjoyable and that my church accept DD with open arms at all developmental stages. That is what helped me to make my final decision when we moved.
            Also, I've found that my DD (19months) noises are much louder to me than to anyone else.
            Good suggestions above....I'm headed to walmart!


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              Thank you for your help!

              We tried a new church today that really seems to work for us. The service was very contemporary (and loud). Thank you all for your helpful suggestions. I will be using all of them.