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2 month old doesn't want to nap

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  • 2 month old doesn't want to nap

    I'm a new Mom with a 2 month old who suddenly doesn't want to nap. She cries if I try to put her down even when she's asleep. She'll nap while I'm wearing her(she'll scream & cry when I first put her in it though), but that means no nap for me. Any suggestions?

    Sleepless in San Francisco

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    so she will nap in the sling? can you take a nap while she's in it?


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      I have a 3 month old, and during the day, she only naps if we carry her. I use a wrap, which means that my hands are free if I need to do something while she is sleeping. If I am tired, I can try to sit down and I guess I could sleep then if I needed to, but most of the time she needs movement to stay asleep.
      So, we are in this together! I try to make the most of it right now, and enjoy all the closeness and cuddles.

      I understand that you don't feel you get enough sleep, I hope you will feel more rested soon!
      Could you wear her until she falls asleep and then lie down with her next to you?
      How are your nights?


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        Both of my babies liked movement at that age for sleeping and seemed like it was impossible to lay them down! Can you nurse laying down and then both of you fall asleep? I know one woman who put a bouncy chair right next to the bed she was laying the baby in to give it that vibration effect. (the chair had a vibration button on it) Maybe a swing or other thing to keep her moving while you rest? Could she be a bit gassy so only likes being upright?
        I would very much encourage you to keep trying configurations and creative solutions! I miss those one baby days where I could take a nap!


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          My dd is the same way. She has to have movement and be in the sling to sleep well. When I want to lay down with her what i do is close all the blinds and take a recieving blanket and place it diagnally against her back while she's chest to chest. I tuck the sides of the blanket under my arms and use the top of the blanket to block out any stimulus (she loves to look around) this creates a similar feel as the snuggle position in the sling. I sit in a rocker and rock or pace until she's asleep then once i'm sure she alseep we'll I crawl into bed. I'll use my arms to continue the "tightly held" feeling while removing the blanket to ensure good air flow. If i'm lucky she stays asleep and I get a few hrs of zzzs. Good Luck


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            I highly recommend the book "The No Cry Sleep Solution". Although we have not mastered all of it, much of it did help us to get our son to stay asleep when we put him down in his crib sometimes.

            I also recommend getting a vibrating chair like this one for when there is no one else to hold your baby and you really need some sleep:


            (That's not me trying to sell it - it's just the first picture I could find.)

            You can rock your baby with your foot and when you fall asleep, he will still get movement from the vibrations.


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              both my boys are like that...i find that if i lay down with them and put them on the boob they fall asleep, then i can sleep or get up and do something else...hope this helps!