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  • Potty Training

    My almost 3yr old has been potty training for about 3 weeks now. We have the portable potty in the living room where she plays and she usually goes around the house naked or in her underware while playing. She is doing really good going pee on the potty, even if we've stepped out of the room for a minute she will go. However she is still asking to have a diaper put on when she has to go poop. Is this something that will work out in time, or is there some way we can encourage her to use the potty for poop also?

    I also was wondering if anyone has used any kind of portable potty or foldable potty seat for when you are out and about. She will ask to use the potty when we are out, but when we get in there she changes her mind or when I hold her over the seat she won't do anything. I've been looking at different ones on-line but thought maybe someone has had first hand experience and can make a recommendation.


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    I hold her over the seat
    Do you think that might affect her ability to go?

    When my son was in that stage at home, we slowly moved the potty closer to the bathroom so we could eventually get him on the big potty. Then you can put the baby potty in your car!

    My son hated the wiping and clean-up required for a poopy diaper, so I would say to him sweetly while I changed the last ones--"next time you have to go poopy, if you put it in the potty, we can just flush it away, wipe your bottom, then wash our hands and be done!" I think in his head he wanted to but couldn't relax enough to do it on the hard potty. Has she seen you go? It is a private thing but maybe making your feelings known during the process, she can understand better.

    "oh my insides are telling me I should go sit on the potty. I think I have to poop. Sometimes I have to sit here a few minutes to get comfortable, so I like to look at a magazine." -----etc. Or maybe she needs privacy. My son would tell us not to look at him!

    My almost 4yr old sometimes 'reads' the Rolling Stone in the bathroom now! It will happen!


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      Mary both mine needed a diaper for poop for a time after they mastered pee on the potty.
      I know some families take a little potty with them where ever they go in the car for their kiddos to use and they have a plastic liner that goes inside and they just pull the bag out and discard it in the pot..much liek plopping a poopy dipe...
      public RR are also a novelty in themselves, it seems to the new potty go'er, so do not be surprised if she is just checking them all out to see what they look like and so forth


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        We have 4 potty aids. The normal potty (we use the baby bjorn one) which stays in the living room, for DS to wee when he likes.

        The little potty for the car

        The potty seat for the big potty for poo's.

        And a foldable seat for when out in public

        DS started just after 18 months, he was bottomless at home, took to it very quick. After a few weeks he did the poo's on the big potty vs asking for a nappy

        We use the foldable one out still at almost 3, but there are potties he WILL NOT use, so we take him to the car. He often doesn't poo when out (thankfuly)

        All kids take different times, but I hope that helps


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          Thanks for all the advice. Hopefully the poop on the potty will come in time. I was worried she was holding it in because she isn't wearing diapers anymore. She finally went yesterday, but wanted a diaper on. I actually had to change the diaper inbetween poops. I finally went out and bought a portable potty to take with us that uses the disposable bags or will sit on a regular toilet. We've all been sick here so we haven't been out much to have a need try it.

          I'll just let her keep going and keep encouraging the poop on the big potty. We had to encourage her some to start going pee on the potty to begin with. That along with no clothes which she loves!!



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            Mary does she come to the loo with you when you go? We made a bit of a deal about us going poo on the potty, which helped DS.

            And when she finally does it, making a deal out of it may help.