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Single parents of 8 years olds dating again...

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  • Single parents of 8 years olds dating again...

    So I have a friend that her and her husband got a divorce a few months ago. She has an 8 year old son. She is freaking about dating again, wondering when she should start dating again, when to talk to her son about it, when to bring a new bf around, etc. Any advice?

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    Your friend may be interested in joining the Divorce & Custody forum, I'm sure the mommas there will have some great advice!


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      That's a good idea. I'll tell her about it. She's not much of a computer person so I'm not sure how often she'd get online - but it's a good start. She's talked about joining groups, like at her church or around the community. I told her it couldn't hurt to try. She actually made a joke about how she feels like she's one of those moms on that Must Love Kids reality show - where it's about single moms dating again, almost like The Bachelorette style


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        Both my parents dated and remarried while I was young and I can say it did effect me.
        I randomly searched and found this link (non-API) which seems to have some prudent advice in it.

        Does your friend even want to date at this point? There certainly is no rush!
        I know in some cites there are single parent groups that might help her navigate this new world. I think they meet in real time so no worry about internet stuff!