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Wow--it's been one of those days!

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  • Wow--it's been one of those days!

    It's been an interesting day today! I called my Mother-in-law and said I've changed my mind--you can have her! (It's a running joke since our breastfed first daughter didn't stay the weekend with Nanny at 3 weeks old like her cousin did---she used to ask all the time but finally knows better now!) Here's the scoop from our afternoon with 2 yo DD:
    -she "napped" for only 30 min. (nursed but awoke every time I tried to get up) and this is after sleeping only from 2 am-9am
    -got red stamp pad all over her hands and pants so I sent her to wash up
    -played in the sink while washing--or so I thought! She plugged the sink and had the water on full blast--we had standing water on the kitchen floor as it gushed over the sides of the sink and down underneath! (Darn that last 2 chapters of Stuart Little that I was so excited to finish with older DD!)
    -while I cleaned up the gallons of water (she "helped" briefly), she went in the other room and dumped out 2 bottles of fish food all over the floor
    -she helped me clean up the fish food but must have had too much fun because when I was putting supper away she found them and dumped them again!

    Calgon take me away!

    aka: This too shall pass! Trying to

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    sounds like she enjoys dumping and spilling. can you give her things to pour? i used to give mine little bowls of macaroni, flour, salt, etc., put them on a small table, and let them have at it, pouring from a full bowl into an empty bowl. also, i'd fill the kitchen sink w/a bit of water and give him all kinds of containers for pouring, then put him up on a stool. i'd get many, many minutes of intense play out of him.


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      She gets lots of opportunities to pour--and she's played at the sink for many, many hours, too--it's just that when they are two it can go from constructive to destructive quickly! She is one to remind me of this fact occasionally, but not always in such a grand and repetitive way!


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        Oh, I have SO been there! It sounds, though, like you're able to see it for what it is...very age appropriate and a phase that will pass.

        I always think if you're able to accept the moment/ day/ afternoon for what it is and find peace in it (and maaaaaaybe some humor? ), that capturing the "incidents" on camera (as well as a shot of the child saying, "Who, me?" with her wide, innocent eyes) would make a really cute scrapbook page!


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          I hear I "waxed" the better part of the kitchen floor with vegetable oil in mere moments when I was two ... while my mom had her back turned cleaning up some other disaster I had made. Imagine having to clean up that mess ...