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  • Bullying, Verbal Abuse

    My son just started middle school.
    Apparently, the bus rides home have been quite stressful. Some kids started to call him 'gay' and its really bothering him. What's really wierd is that the kids who started it are (used) to be good friends of his?!? They were just over at the house for a birthday sleepover. I asked my son if something happened at the sleepover that I should know about, something that would cause this kind of falling out. He said that there was nothing. Moreover, he doesn't want me to do anything. But he's hurting. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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    Oh, wow. That's rough.

    I don't have any kids this age yet, but the title of your post caught my eye. There is a great book called "The Bully, The Bullied, and the Bystander" by Coloroso that has some great advice for how to help kids through these situations. There are some articles here, but not sure how helpful they are:

    I hope somebody else has some BTDT advice for you.


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      Hi, I asked my hubby about this ( Middle school teacher for 7 yrs and is about to finish his counselor degree) and he said "Well, the bus ride is one of the toughest times. In MS kids tend to form new groups. He and she should also contact the school counselor. They can coax information. Also, the student can request peer mediation. this can help. Ultimately though this adds up to harassment and needs to stop even at the expense of the friendship. Star by contacting guidance. It is not a punitive environment."

      I hope that helps!