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potty learning sleep question

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  • potty learning sleep question

    *** not sure where to post this....***

    My daughter seems to get the feel of pee'ing in the potty while awake
    (we are on day 3 of no diapers) but she's wet the bed at every nap and
    both nights (though this morning she seemed to catch it and only a
    little bit came out on the blanket when she sat up).

    I read somewhere that having them wear a diaper during naps and at
    night sends the wrong message to them and I understand this. I think
    Ayla is just in a habit of waking up and pee'ing as soon as she's
    awake (but not really fully awake). It is always fresh/warm urine on
    the bed. I've been trying to get in there pronto after she wakes, but
    I was still to late.

    Should I have her in pull ups or something like that for nights and
    naps? I don't want to be doing two loads of bed laundry twice a day
    forever, but I'm not sure which route to take....

    She has been very happy about the potty learning and hasn't seemed stressed out or upset (except during a few daytime accidents. The sleepy-time accidents don't seem to phase her to much..not unhappy about it, but not happy either...more indifferent)

    Any advice is welcome....

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    my 2nd is potty learning. he's completely nailed it down during the day, has for a while now, but naps and nite are more difficult. i have always put a diaper on him for naps and nite and he was never confused by it. in fact, the other nite, i went in to check on him and found him completely naked!!! his diaper and pajamas were on the floor in the bathroom by the toilet. he knew he had to go, went in and climbed back in bed.

    we did the same thing w/my oldest and he was never confused, either. so, from my experience, i say, save yourself the headache and use dipes!


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      Yeah, we are kinda in the night diaper thing right now. My oldest is 4-- so I am really looking for the window where I am willing to do more wake him up to go, Clean up accidents, change and wash sheets a lot.
      I will do it, but I am still up a lot at night nursing the baby and the house is for sale so I am worried that I might not get around to changing the sheets in time for a showing etc....


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        The process of nighttime dryness is a much more involved process than daytime dryness.

        There are two hormones involved (and now that I'm TRYING to think of their names, I can't. ) One hormone slows urine production of urine while asleep, and the other one wakes you should the bladder become full anyway.

        The body's production and regulation of these hormones is not automatic with potty training, just as any body development is not automatic. Rather than coming at the young age that daytime dryness comes, many many children have to grow and age a bit more before those two hormones are in full swing for nighttime dryness.

        Some children don't get those two hormones in perfect balance until school age, thus the "Good Nites" products.

        Just some info for you.


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          we use something at night even though ds pl over a year ago, cause every month or so an accident, he wakes and we take him to the potty, sometimes hes still asleep

          Before he use to leak so much we just got use to a wet bed LOL


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            My experience has been that sleep dryness comes well after daytime dryness. I don't think putting her in a diaper sends a mixed message at all!

            I approach sleep dryness as a milestone so I put my kids in diapers during sleep until they're consistently dry or demand no diapers I "wet the bed" late - last time I was 12 - so I am adamant about being very relaxed about nighttime dryness and not pressuring my kids at all. It's not like they have any control over it anyway


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              What I did with my daughter Kimi is that I put her potty chair beside her bed and before she sleeps at night, I train her to do her pee first. I also use diapers for her but not that much.
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