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    I am a single father and have a 14-month old daughter. Recently, I have brought to stay with me one night every other week. Everything is okay. I wish I knew a little bit more about her needs. There are certain times that I can tell she is tired when she rubs her eyes or when she cries that she has soiled her diaper. Sometimes, I don't know what she is trying to communicate from her behavior. Are there any literature or information that I can read about to try to communicate with my daughter?

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    HI Fred,
    Welcome to the API Forums! I love to see more and more dads on here. This is a great place to find lots of information and support. I am sure you will get lots of responses to your questions. My favorite place to start when I was new to parenting and learning about my little one, was a book by Dr Sears called The Baby Book. Actually all of Dr Sear's books, I have found to be very helpful. I am sure Borders or your nearest library will have them available. (or the API store too!!)

    Looking forward to hearing how things progress-


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      would you and her mother be willing to work together to teach her sign language? children at this age have stronger receptive language than expressive language, which means that although they can understand what you're saying, they have difficulty expressing themselves verbally. sign language can be a great way to overcome this hurdle. w/ds1, we used the Signing Time videos. we got them from the library. if your library doesn't carry them, talk to the reference librarian. i'd bet they'd be willing to get them for you. they are geared for young children and my ds loved them. he eventually learned over 200 signs!

      also, getting down on their level can go a long way in easing language barriers. it helps the child see that you are trying to understand and can ease tensions. of course, A LOT of patience is required, and be prepared to give your toddler EXACTLY what she wants and have her still be mad at you. that's the toddler's prerogative!


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        Hi Fred,
        Is her mother willing to write a little about what she is doing lately before you have her? I think its a little hard for you to know her cues when you don't see her that often, and her mother must know if she is doing_______ that means ______etc.
        I second the babysign idea, which I also did with my first boy, and am doing now with my 2nd. It is great for toddler frustrations and we have used it well after my first had learned to talk...still now when he is 4.

        I think it is great Fred, that you want to communicate with her better. I get all teary!