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Four yr old responds with sensitivity!

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  • Four yr old responds with sensitivity!

    Today I was having a difficult time w/ DS2 who is 9 months old. I was getting frustrated & put him down on floor to give myself a breather & he started to cry. DS1, who is 4 yrs old, picked his baby brother up & while rubbing the back of his head started singing to him what DH does "Lay your head gently on my shoulder". I almost cried! I taped it with my cell phone & sent it to DH.

    I was amazed that when I couldn't handle DS2 at that moment DS1 stepped in & took care of him! He sure is an amazing little guy! Later on when I was having difficulty putting baby to sleep, DS2 asked me "Mommy, you want me to put him to sleep for you?" It was so cute!

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    That is so sweet!


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      see, you ARE a good mamma. you must be doing something right, to have a child mimic your AP style is the sincerest form of flattery, indeed!


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        sensitivity is adorable! thats too cute!