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Getting dressed and other dilemmas

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  • Getting dressed and other dilemmas

    Hi all,

    my 10 month old goes through phases of Hating getting his jacket on. I try to make a game of it, sing songs etc with 50% success at calming distracting him. He crawls now very fast and is crusing round the furniture so it's probably cos he has lots of plans of what he wants to do with himself. Any tips on helping him remain calm during these times?

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    my14 mo old has ALWAYS resisted dressing in any incarnation. Sometimes I just wrap him up in a blanket on the way to the car and leave it at that. (he has some clothes on just not all I would like for the weather)
    Lower your expectations, think of alternatives (my baby will tolerate a heavy sweatshirt better then a real coat) and be flexible. I think I often overdressed my first child and am trying to be more sensitive to actual temperature with my second!

    Above all, think....What is the worse that could happen if he didn't have his coat on between now and the car? After that I bet you go right into a store and delayer again. He is unlikely to be playing in the snow as of yet!

    For the child who wonders away as you dress him....I do it in stages....
    First the diaper or onesie
    Then the next part after he does this or that.
    Sometimes I throw the next part over to his father on the other side of the room to 'catch' him for the next piece of clothing...
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