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  • Tape! Tape! Tape!

    Does anyone else have a child fascinated with tape? My daughter (4) adores tape. It's actually quite amazing the creative things she can do with a roll of tape. She makes huge spider webs and tiny ice cream cones, and today built a very large, colorful cubical structure with popsicle sticks and paper. It's getting a bit out of control, though, and there are days when she goes through two or three rolls per day. Not only is this getting expensive, it's also creating a large amount of trash. I keep thinking this is a phase that she's going to get through, and I know it's part of exploring and learning, but if it doesn't end soon I'm going to have to start limiting the access. Anyone else dealt with this or have any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Ha ha! That made me laugh!

    Cora will be 4 this summer and shares the fascination. We limit access -- and provide other (less expensive) creative outlets. I got really tired of peeling little pieces of tape off walls, floors, chairs etc.

    Your daughter sounds quite creative!



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      You can buy velcro strips at a craft store or even the sewing section of Walmart. It may be just as satisfying as tape and is reusable. My DS likes to make the velcro strips in to balls, then wrap another strip around our hands so we can play catch.

      Good luck!


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        I think because she doesn't have access to tape mine likes to supplement with stickers everywhere!!! How their minds work :-)


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          My four year old decided to help me tape her sister's room as I was preparing to paint this weekend. I had pieces of tape all over the room and one less roll to work with. I'm still not sure what design she was going for, but it was fun watching her work.

          Something we like doing (that can get a tad bit messy) is practicing writing our letters in different textures (rice, cornmeal, etc).


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            WildBlueberry, your post makes me want to give my kids access to tape more often!

            DD1 & 2 love to use tape but it's generally to put pictures up on the wall. The other day the wall behind our couch looked like an art museum. Actually, it still does because I can't bring myself to take them all down.


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              Thank you, everyone. It is great to watch her creativity. We've taken to the idea of trying to substitute other materials sometimes. Yesterday, she built a spider web out of ribbon. It filled our entire living room! It used up an entire roll of curling ribbon, and a little bit of tape, but at least the ribbon is re-usable. She was a bit disappointed that it wasn't sticky like a spider web, but we were able to solve this by putting a few little circles of tape in strategic locations around the web.

              Rather than making her ice cream cones entirely out of tape, I bought some foam sheets at the craft store. She makes them out of foam and tapes them together. At least I can salvage the foam to be reused!

              I would recommend letting your children have a go with the tape. As much as it has gotten a bit out of control in our house, I do think that it was a good thing overall!


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                I thought my son was he only one. His habit is still under a roll a day.


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                  For gift-giving events we request tape, ribbon, string, glue, etc. Its less expensive than buying my son a $30.00 toy he will take a part to rebuild with tape and ribbon anyways and far less frustrating for me.

                  I have learned to embrace the creativity and now I believe my sons ingenuity will allow my husband and I to retire in style


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                    Tape, stickers, zippers. It is all so new to them and fascinating. I love watching my little guy explore this stuff like it is gold.