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Those w/ multiple children, ever think of this.....

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  • Those w/ multiple children, ever think of this.....

    Even when mommy can't respond to everyone's needs, especially the youngest, all the time, there is always a sibling there to respond?

    I never realised this before & it is true! My LC consultant recently was discussing w/ me that when her 4 children were younger, that the children were always helping each other out when mommy was unable. I was telling her how my 4 & 3 yr olds help w/ my 9 mon old so much & w/ each other as well & that I felt bad b/c I wasn't meeting their needs as well as I would like to & she made me realize that even though it wasn't me meeting their needs, that their needs were still getting met! That made me feel so much better!

    I have been watching my LOs & just how much they really do care for each other & how loving they are. It is amazing! I hope they will continue this as they get older. We have never pushed helping. We do ask sometimes but do not make big deal out of them not wanting to at any time. But usually, they step in freely & really want to help! If DS2 gets hurt, one of my LOs are comforting him before I can even get to him & some times he doesn't even need me after that. I use to feel bad about that like I was failing meeting his needs, but really he is getting his needs met by everyone in the family & building stronger bonds w/ everyone & that is a great thing!

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    Absolutely and as my children have gotten older, I see them responding to each other even before I have a chance to in some situations. I noticed also when they were younger but now at 7 and 5 years old, it is great.

    Like you, we never pushed it and when it happens, we know it is from the heart.


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      changing relationship

      Sounds like you and your family really are blessed! (And: Well done, too!)
      Can I ask a question back: did you find your relationship to your first changed in quality when you had child "no 2". My daughter and I a such a great team and I'm worried we would lose the special relationship we've got at the moment.


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        I've noticed that my oldest(4.5) will help with the baby, but when she tries to help with my middle child (2.5) she is more reluctant. When she does help, he is usually resistant... I try to spend quality time with each of them, but with hubby deployed... Well, I'm only one woman!! I'm sure it will get better


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          I am just now starting to see this in action, and it is wonderful! Tonight my 3.5 year old heard his little brother (4.5 months old) start to fuss and he immediately dropped what he was doing and ran to him. It melts my heart!


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            It's like that here too. Whoever cries/is upset/needs something gets help right away, they are used to it being like that. They are used to responding to cries/needs bc that's what we do here, and they get their needs/cries met.
            It's amazing to watch. All of mine are like that. (Well, the baby is to little.)