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    I found the article "Crying and Comforting" in the Summer 2008 AP in a Non-AP World issue of The Journal of API to be very interesting. I had known about the dangers of crying-it-out (CIO), but it was my first introduction to the concept of encouraging crying without soothing. I can see why API is against them - both go against our natural instinct to pick up and comfort that crying child in our homes.

    What I found interesting was the bit about how the cortisol levels in the baby's brain soar so high when babies are left to cry, and then I read an article today (see the AP News Desk on for more information) in which a foster mother saw research that these dangerous cortisol levels in CIO babies reach the level equal to that from a jellyfish sting. Wow! So, those parents who use CIO are causing their babies huge discomfort.

    I was never comfortable with CIO, but I had a babysitter once (a relative) who I caught using CIO on my then 9-month-old daughter. I came home and could hear her crying and sobbing before I even got to the front door! I still think about that day and wonder if that caused any emotional damage.

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    from everything i've read on CIO and cortisol, the brain must reach these elevated levels over a long period of time, many, many days, or even weeks before it does damage. so one time of CIO will not cause your baby harm. the great thing about AP is that even when we, or others, make mistakes, attachment is easily regained, because it's been established to begin with.


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      where can I find this entire article?


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        The article, "Crying and Comforting," can be found at the API members-only online magazine, Login details are in the Winter 2008-09 issue of The Journal of API. The direct link is: Let me know if you need further assistance in locating this article.