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Would you accept your gay child?

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  • Would you accept your gay child?

    I personally canít speak from experience, but Iíve been thinking about it a lot recently...... I know in my heart that I would be accepting no matter what, but itís so hard to say how you would react to something until you experience for yourself first. Let me know what you think...

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    Absolutely!! But then again, I am accepting of gay people whether they are related to me or not, so it wouldnt be that big of a deal for me I guess!


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        Of course. I'll also accept him if he turns out to be heterosexual, but I won't get rid of my rainbow stickers.


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            its so great to hear all your positive responces! I totally agree as well. It's a shame how many people dont feel the same way and it can really damage a child...or even an adult for that matter!


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              Sexual preference shouldn't come between parents and their children. With family there should be an understanding of acceptance and comfort. I remember being deeply upset when I read this book Prayers for Bobby because the mother rejected her son for his sexuality. If you've read the book then you know what happens and how it ends, but all in all, in a perfect world everyone would accept each other for who they are and unfortunately, we're far from that. All we can do is do our best to influence that positive energy throughout our friends, family, etc.


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                Prayers for Bobby is one of the most powerful and moving books I've ever read.. It's funny you bring it up, because I've been seeing commercials for a Lifetime movie based on the book that premieres this weekend...
                Just have a box of tissues ready, even the commercial is a tear jerker.
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                  I would except my daughter for anything she is. I could not imagine turning my back on her or doing the 'tough love' for any reason. I hope I don't have to do it ever. But if she falls in love with another female, I would honor her feelings, I would be grateful she is in a loving bonding relationship.

                  After-all that is all parents want for their children, to be loved, to love and to be happy.


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                    I agree. The minister of a church I went to, that I loved and hated to leave, said that all of the ills in the world can be traced back to lack of unconditional love from parents to kids. I true!!!

                    When my daughter's teacher (she's 4) asked what goals I have for her, I said "for her to be more herself." The teacher blinked at me, and I said "if she wants to work on her drawing, then I want her to draw, if she wants to dance, I want her to dance, if she wants to read, i want her to read."

                    In my opinion, we parents get the cool position of seeing our kids develop, NOT to make them be who we want them to be (or what we wish we were).


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                      I do accept my gay daughter, accept is the wrong word too. She is gay and that is just something that she is. I adore her and love her and became a minister so I could marry her and her partner when the time arrives.

                      I have had friends in the past that have said no way, their children would never be gay and it is so wrong and it makes me fee sorry for them. They would be more able to have open arms for a homicidal child than a gay child.

                      Here in the south we sometimes get a bit of double flack, the gay thing and the interracial part too. Very different from what we were used to in NY.

                      Here is my daughter with my son, from last holiday, but it was on my laptop.



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                        DH and I have talked about this many times and we feel that what ever he decides is fine with us. We want him to be tolerant of other people and thier beliefs.

                        So basically if DS was to tell me he is gay I don't feel like I would have a problem with it at all. I would want for him with his partner the same as with his wife; for them to have a happy and healthy life together.


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                          **one handed post baby in other lol**

                          I will always "accept" my children no matter what. But acceptence is not the same as condoning. We raise our children with certain beliefs, values & morals that we will not waver on no matter what.

                          We believe God intended for marriage to be between one man & one woman. So, if one of our children came to us & said they were homosexual, I would never turn them away or change the way I love them. I would accept my child always but that does not mean condoning their lifestyle at the same time.

                          For an example on the difference between accepting vs condoning, we do not believe in pre-marital sex nor co-habitation. So if one of our children was living with their boyfriend or girlfriend and/or engaging in sexual activty outside of marriage, yes I will still accept my child but let's say they wanted to come for a holiday meal & also spend the night...well, yes they would be welcome for the meal but if wanted to spend the night they would be required to sleep in opposite beds & not in same rooms or else have to stay somewhere else.

                          I will not encourage or contribute to anything I believe to be harmful to my child physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, BECAUSE I LOVE THEM not the opposite!

                          Even in matters other than sexuality we cannot always condone what our child does, accept the child yes, but not condone the actions. For instance if your child were risking their life in some way, like drinking too much or doing drugs would you still accept your child? I would but I would not condone their actions & would try to help them the best I could but I would not go out & buy them a drink or a joint all in the name of "acceptence". Nor would I accept them doing those harmful things in my presence. Accept my child? Yes! Accept their actions? No.

                          My LOs are only 4, 3 & 11 months right now but I do the same things as above already but not to the same degree of course.

                          I will always accept my children & always love them no matter what but will not condone what I believe to be harmful to them.
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                            Had such a hard time with this movie. It was very emotional. Definitely throws some perspective of life into your face. Did anyone else get to watch it? If you missed it I am sure they are playing re-runs this week.


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                              a close female family member was just married in CT to a lovely woman.
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