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    I am at my AP parental wits end here.
    Has anyone had any success with any type of anger therapy for their younger children?
    Homeopathic, Cranial Sacral, play therapy...what worked for you?
    I have a 4 year old here who is very angry when things do not go her way, if she is denied something she has asked for or does not want to leave a place we are at; hits, screams, pinches, bites, throws things breaks things...
    I am trying NVC, modeling, giving her words, recognizing when she does respond to a situation without violence, ectera...

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    My 4 yr old is working through some things too... with anger.


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      Play therapy was a tremendous help for my son with his anxiety issues and it is supposed to work well with anger issues. The play therapist we used was wonderful and she "conducted" the first few sessions with my son sitting in a little one-person tent in her office while she sat on the outside. It was done with a very AP-centric approach.

      Hugs momma!

      Edited: My son immediately went into the tent so as to not have to see anyone, she didn't put him in there or anything hehe. Just wanted to clarify.


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        thanks you two