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baby pulls my hair out while in wrap! What to do?

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  • baby pulls my hair out while in wrap! What to do?

    My 7mth old daughter loves spending time in her wrap and sling, however she also enjoys flailing her arms around hitting my face and pulling my hair (out!) while she's being 'worn'. I'm really not sure what to do about it - I tie my hair back but that doesn't help! I don't want to hinder her exploration and curiosity - she seems to really be doing it out of affection - but it really hurts. I don't want to think about using a pram either. Any suggestions? Is my only option to put up with it?

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    With my first child I got my hair cut when he was doing that! With this new baby, he has started to pull my hair while I am nursing, very hurtful!
    Distract her, put your hair up in a different way, wear a hat. Tell her how you feel "ouch, be gentle to mommy's hair" then maybe show her how she can touch it in a gentle way like petting it.
    Just some ideas!


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        I wore a nursing necklace which bought me a few more months before I had to cut my hair shorter.


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          We make cloth dolls with your hair (a lock of hair) on it for the baby to hold. It worked well for our son back in 1998 and we've been making them for other moms since. Here's the site :