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    I've recently discovered that my 11 month old does not adjust quickly to change. I wonder if anyone has any info on how i can help her adjust faster. An example would be, the other night instead of getting in the tub with her i sat outside of the tub. I gave her plenty of "it's ok" cues and encourage her to play with some of her toys.after about a min of this i removed her from the tub so i could undress and join her as usual. She clung to me the entire time and has since continued with this clingy behaviour at tub time for several nights eventually returning to her usual self. Another example is we've been trying to help her develop better sleep habits by utilizing some of the suggestions in the "no cry sleep solution". One thing we've been trying to do is encourage her to sleep on her own. We've been trying to rock her to sleep in a sling as usual and then transfer her onto a matress to sleep by herself. I've always responded quickly to her and sensitivly when she has awakened. Now however when she sees that she's going to sleep in the sling instead of the wrap she panics arches her back until eventually i transfer her to a wrap and put her to sleep there (i would try and transfer her from here but i can never get her out without waking her). So if anyone has any info on how i can help her adjust better to changes in her environment.