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  • Potty training

    Hi there, It's been awhile since my last visit. (the sleeping is not consistent but getting better.) I wanted to share this exiting news with y'all. My little girl who just turned 14 months initiated potty training. WOW, attempting that was the farthest from my mind. I am so proud of her. She always follows one of us into the bathroom and finds it necessary to be company. I don't shoo her out. So the other day, she walks into the bathroom and I ask her "potty?", I hold her up there and "Surprise!!!! pee pees and poo poos". So now, I watch for the signs and help her go. She reminds me daily how every child learns at their own pace. (with any situation) Some sooner, some later. My oldest daughter (11 yrs old) is learning to play better with her too. Well, I suppose she is more fun now that she can run around and communicate in her own special way. A few words here and there. Momma knows what she is saying.

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    congratulations! following our children's cues is so rewarding!


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      My 17m old has started to sit on the little potty too...I think his motivation is being naked which he LOVES! and he seems to know I will not try to put clothes on him so fast if he puts the pee and poo in the potty! I don't envision him really potty learned untill he can pull his own pants up and down, but I love a favorable start!


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        Wooohooo - yay for the pottying and the sleeping getting better. I remember hearing about my friends' woes with potty learning but I never got stressed out about it because I let the kids determine the timeline. As PaxMamma says, it is so rewarding to follow our child's cues.