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18 mos. and Hitting!

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  • 18 mos. and Hitting!

    My babe is almost 18 months and when he gets frustrated, he hits. Usually it's me or our dog whom he calls "Bro" and loves very much. I try to read him and prevent this from happening with distraction or humor, but when he gets his mind set on things, he's very determined. He wants to play with things that could hurt him or run away from us at the park by cars- things I just can't let him do.

    I've tried showing him gentle hands, acting sad -to which he then kisses me, explaining in a firm voice that we are nice. Now he thinks that it's okay to do as long as he follows it up with a kiss. I want to handle this in a gentle way, but other kids are becoming his target when he doesn't get what he wants. I understand that he's frustrated, but how do I handle this??? Thanks for your help!!!

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    I can only post quickly right how.
    Here are some threads with similar questions....

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      hitting is developmentally appropriate and very often a stage. the general consensus in AP circles is that you do exactly what you've been doing and eventually they'll get it, but patience is required! don't worry, pretty soon he'll be on to doing something else that's driving you crazy