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    Hi, I'm new here..and this is my first post
    My daughter is almost three (september 1st) and has no interest in the potty at all. My niece, who is three months younger, has been potty trained for many months now. I feel like maybe I missed something (like her cues that she was ready), or am doing something wrong. It's so hard not to compare the girls since they're so close in age, and very similar in a lot of ways.
    We go through weeks where she'll try, and even had a few days where she actually went. However, lately I ask her if she wants to try and she says "um, maybe later" or "not right now." I don't want to force her, but she can't do dance or go to 'school' (pre-preschool) like she wants to (and has to in the case of the school) if she's not trained by January. It's really frustrating because I know she can do it, she just doesn't want to. She wakes up dry from her naps, and sometimes through the night. It's hard sometimes not to yell at her to stop playing on the potty and just go. How do I get her to want to go?!

    Addie's mom

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    hi and
    i'd recommend backing off for a few weeks and then starting over. summer is primetime potty learning time. let her run naked in the backyard and that may help her get the feel of it and make a better connection. what do you do when she's on the potty? mine LOVED to sing fun, silly songs while they sat there or read favorite books. do you make a big deal of it when YOU go? this may help her generalize that everyone does it, it's not just her.

    good luck! and don't worry, all kids do eventual use the potty. i've yet to find a mom w/a 16 year old in diapers (of course excluding those w/disabilities).