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  • Incident tonight..

    Didn't know where to put this, sorry.

    So, tonight, I took ds 7 yr. to tae kwon do. The main instructor wasn't there, so the asst. took over for ds's class. During class, he had seperated the belts, white over here, orange over there, yellow over there. Well, ds is an orange belt and when his group was told to practice, he was practicing.

    Side note, ds has been pretty apathetic about his tae kwon do and we have worked to encourage him in it and tonight he had really decided to give it his all.

    At any rate, he was trying to go through his form and the two orange belts on either side of him kept joking and laughing with each other, and rough housing over and around ds. So, I watch, as I usually allow the rules of the place to rule. And part of that is for him to become assertive enough and respect himself enough to step up and do the right thing. Well, HE DID. He went over to the asst. instructor and raised his hand politely, at which point the asst. looked and said, "YOU need to WAIT" to which ds politely backed up and waited. Finally, the asst asked him what he wanted and ds said "those two over there are swatting at each other and I can't.." to which he was interupted and the asst said, "We don't tattle, now give me ten" DS did his ten pushups and the asst. said, "now go back and practice like you are supposed to be doing" to which DS did as he was told.

    I then called over the asst and said, "I would never intentionally undermine you in class (mind you all this is in a whisper) but this is what ds was trying to tell you, he can't practice because those two are rough housing" He said, "I know, but tattling is worse and I can't allow that".

    So class goes on and finally he lines up everyone and addresses EVERYONE and says, "If you are told to practice, then you need to practice. Tattling is NOT allowed, if someone is doing something wrong I WILL see it".

    So, I am fuming, I told ds that I didn't agree with the asst. but was proud that he behaved as he did and took the punishment even though I felt it was unfounded. Got home and vented to my mom and brother. They both said I needed to talk to the boss. So I drove back out there and talked to the boss, explained what happened, and BOY DO I FEEL BETTER! He was SOOOO happy that I informed him. He said, "MY name is on that door and my instructors are supposed to REPRESENT ME. THAT is NOT how I would have handled it. I am so sorry. Make sure that ds comes in on Tues. there WILL be an apology". He knows that we have worked hard to not let ds get frustrated because he has trouble with this, and I am SOOOOO glad I went to talk to him.

    I just had to write this out. DH isn't here this week to talk to and so I needed to talk to someone.

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    way to be an advocate for your child!