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  • nurturing boys question


    I'm looking for somewhere on the Sears's website or in one of their books (I think I own almost all of them!) about a discussion on "loving" ones son. In other words, showing affection to a boy will not "make him a sissy." I cringed when I heard this statement... and it came from my very own father. Yikes!

    Anyhow, please send your links my way! I appreciate your help!


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    wow! our society really does a number on boys! it's such a disservice to them to tell them that they shouldn't be affectionate (or cry). this is very often homophobia in a poor disguise.

    there's nothing more attractive to me when my dh is being openly affectionate to me and our sons. and raising 2 boys, i can tell you i openly and whole-heartedly encourage affection and never shame them for their tears.

    i'm not positive, but i believe Sears discusses this in a book about fathering. could this be the book you're looking for? it's called "Becoming a Father".


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      Here is another thread that deals with one mother concerned because a friend thought she was making a 'momma's boy'.

      This is an interesting little article on raising emotionally intellegent boys.

      This book-Raising a son By Jeanne Elium (p 88)has alot on why boys need affection too and why its a good thing. I have not read the whole book so cannot vouch if it is all AP but that part seems right on.


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        i just read this on p. 112 in "Attached At the Heart" by our co-founders:
        "...Dr. Pollack found from his research that 'the absence of a close relationship with a loving mother puts a boy at a disadvantage in coming a free, confident, and independent man who likes himself and can take risks, and who can form close and loving attachments with people in his adult life'.''

        i think that sums it up!


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          Thank you!!