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  • Carseat crying

    At 6 wks of age my now 10 wk old son started crying in his carseat. It happens almost every time he is in it. I have tried different seats, even different cars - makes no difference. After any significant trip, I end up feeling frazzled and depressed because he cries non-stop and I can't help him. Any thoughts or ideas? And when does this cross into "excessive crying"?

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    That is really tough. It may be a physical or emotional issue or both. Your child may be extremely uncomfortable by being in the seat and not being in contact with you. What do you think he is trying to tell you? The crying is his communication with you. It may not be just that he doesn't like the car or the seat. If you can spend a little time thinking about this, it may give you some insights into how to help your child.

    Some thoughts/questions I have for you include:
    Can you limit the time in the car? If you are running errands, can another family member or friend do that for you?
    Does it make a difference if someone can ride with him and stay in contact?
    Is he cold, hungry, tired, wet, otherwise uncomfortable?
    Does he need more transition time, in preparation for an outing?
    Does he have a physical issue - the angle of the car seat or simply the movement of the car may exacerbate?
    Are you stressed when going out? Babies are very, very sensitive to that. What are some ways you can relieve your stress?
    What are some ways he could be soothed during unavoidable trips? Singing lullabies or talking gently with him come to mind, but what else does he prefer?

    I know it may seem that this will never end, but he will change as he gets older. I am sure you will find a good solution for the time being and I hope some of this helps!



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      A baby crying in the car can be very stressful. I have known some babies to be very uncomfortable in the bucket-style seats that snap in and out of the car. You might want to try a convertible style that doesn't scrunch him in half the way buckets can. Good luck!


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        Carseat crying became really stressful for our whole family. When our youngest was a few weeks/months old, NOTHING soothed him while in the car! It must have been a sensory issue, as he is a sensory seeking child now, but I don't know that I culd have done anything differently. We drove 20 minutes to and from school every day, twice a day. Daddy sometimes took the kids in the morning, but it ultimately was part of our decision ( a small part, but a part) to homeschool. He still complains of headaches in the car sometimes at 6!


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          Hope everything worked out well in the end. We have this car seat and thankfully my 10weeks old is always calm and stays still.