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  • Barbie & Disney every which way!!

    Do you limit the amount of TV your children watch, or are you especially careful with them seeing commercials for toys, foods, or other items marketed toward children?

    Elaine Barrington wrote "Barbie and Disney Princesses Every Which Way" for The Attached Family online this week, describing the difficulty she has reducing the exposure her daughter has to certain commercialized images. She comes to an interesting realization, though, about how AP is really about balancing what we want for our children and allowing them to make their own choices. API members: Use the login details e-mailed to you recently to access the article here:

    So, how do you balance your family values while allowing your child to have his or her own ideas? Say, that you're appalled at the idea of your daughter -- or son -- dressing as Cinderella for Halloween...but, oh, your child really, really wants to. What would you do in this situation?