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Finding this hard work at the moment

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  • Finding this hard work at the moment

    I am not really enjoying being a Mum at the moment. I am exhausted and worn down. I want a break from my life.

    DS is 26 months very active, smart and funny... he is also EXHAUSTING and combative at the moment. I know its just two year old stuff, but I am finding it hard. He is toilet training (started by him). He no longer naps (hasnt for months) and still wakes up multiple times at night after a good stretch where he was sleeping through - he started waking up again after his sister arrived.

    DD is 4 months and after a great start where she just slept all the time she is now awake every hour, day and night. In order to keep her asleep I have to be actively rocking her or feeding her. Wearing her in a sling is not enough, it has to be full on rocking. So whenever she is asleep it is virtually impossible to do anything with DS and when she is awake we really need to do stuff that she can join in on as she is starting to actually play rather than just passively sit there.

    I am tandem feeding and as they are BOTH going through really clingy stages I feel as though I am constantly on demand.... like I am typing this with one hand while rocking DD and BFing DS.

    I am losing my temper....and my mind. I didnt think it would be like this and I find myself wishing time away which I hate.

    I need some encouragement and kind words. I feel like running away.

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    s it's time to call in reinforcements!! do you have a partner or friend who can give you a break? you need some time to rejuvenate yourself. can you hire a mother's helper? can you figure out a way to get just 30 min/day to yourself? try to hang in there!


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      I have SOOOO been there! Find some help! This time will pass as soon as you think it will go on forever. Be creative! The worst someone can do it say NO and/or help some other time. ASK!
      Thinking of you!


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        I have not been in your shoes, but felt compelled to respond to your post. Just wanted to communicate that it sounds as though you are very nurturing to your children, which is a lovely thing. You are also modeling great skills by reaching out to others for support when you're feeling worn out! My thoughts are with you


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          Well done to be where you are and still looking on the API site. This is a hard path to take and I commend you for raising 2 children to be peaceful and loving humans. You will get thru this as all things phase out and a new road will appear. I am sending you kind wishes for good sleep and hope that your family and friends will support you well.


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            Oh, hang in there, that must be really tough! It sounds like you really, really need a break ASAP, so try really hard to find someone to help you. You sound like a wonderful mama, way to go with tandem nursing! I hope you're letting the housework go for now!

            Keep up the good work mama!


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              Thank you!

              Thanks so much everyone. We have all been sick recently and that has really not helped. DH is home today and I actually got a sleep in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feeling better already.

              Thank you for being so supportive. Its hard to express these feelings IRL as people just tell me that I have stop BFing or let DS CIO at night, and of course as you know those comments dont help!


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                Glad you're feeling better! At least you know we would never tell you to stop bfing or to let your son CIO!


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                  I second the advice to ask for help! Sometimes it's so hard to ask for help, but it makes people feel great to know you count on them and it could give you just enough time to rest, read, take a bath, whatever, so that you can feel refreshed. Your kids are so lucky to have a mom who is willing to nurse and rock them while typing on the computer!
                  Also remember that 4 months is a prime time for a growth spurt - increased nursing, increased waking, increased fussiness. Hope you all feel MUCH better VERY soon!