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    Hello...looking for some advice.

    My son turned three in October and has shown no interest in using the potty. He showed brief interest just before turning two, but I decided to let him lead on this and not to push, and I'm not sure that was the best decision, b/c we are really struggling now.

    I'm still trying to let him lead, but he starts pre-school in the fall, and honestly, I'm just really tired of diapers. I feel like I need some kind of strategy. I've tried stay home days where I set a time and take him to the potty every 20 minutes, but he will not go and then goes in his big boy undies. I've tried offering rewards like chocolate chips, but it makes no difference. I don't want to push him, don't want to discourage him, don't want to battle over this, but shouldn't we be making some progress by now?

    He also got the Peter Potty urinal for Christmas, but it hasn't helped.

    Thanks for any advice and/or reassurance that I do not need to stress over this.

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    Here are a few past threads that might spark some ideas for you.

    Hmm, I don't have any specific ideas for you. Can you tell me more about your son generally? What kind of personality does he have? What does he love to do? What does he avoid at all costs?


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      Thanks. I glanced through all the threads you shared and will look at them more closely in the morning. I think it's safe to say that Gabriel has kind of a strong personality. He's very interested in superheroes and sports...superheroes more than anything currently. He loves to play and run...I suppose this is typical for a three year old. Not sure what he avoids - the potty and eating vegetables??? Actually he'll use the potty when we're not trying...just occasionally, but when I pay any attention, he's absolutely not interested.

      Thank you.


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        Oh...I would say give him gentle nudges, then leave the room, don't hover, say as little as possible but leave and give subtle cues. Maybe show him the sign lauguage for potty and give him the cue that way. Maybe have a potty picture that you can point to to remind him to go? Maybe you can set an alarm to ring every 2 hours or something, maybe he has an idea for this? I know that I was the same type of child and my first born has some of the same tendencies (especially when he was three). He seems like if you are watching or talking he is less into the idea.


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          A friend on FB just posted this on Potty Learning-

          "The child is ultimately in charge and will stop resisting the potty when there is no longer any power struggle."


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            Another idea is letting him play outside naked. (Weather permitting, of course!) I've heard that little boys l-o-v-e to pee outside. Naked time is a great way for kids to get reaquainted with the sensation of needing to go and the action of going pee. I would not make a big deal out of it if/when he does pee, just say "Oh, I see you peed."
            Best of luck!