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How to Respond with Sensitivity while making dinner

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  • How to Respond with Sensitivity while making dinner

    The hours of 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., known in the restaurant and lounge world as "Happy Hour," have not been historically happy in Stephanie Dahl's house.

    "A more accurate term would be the 'Wicked Hours.' The reason for this is that two essential parenting principles were in conflict with one another during that timeframe: Feed with Love and Respect, and Respond with Sensitivity. I wanted to be both fully present to help facilitate positive play and lovingly cook a healthy homemade dinner – at the same time. It seemed impossible to do both."
    In order to cook dinner and meet her children’s needs, Stephanie had to either adjust how she was approaching dinner or adjust how she structured her children’s time. As it turns out, she ended up doing a little of both, depending upon the meal.

    Stephanie Dahl, Responding with Sensitivity editor for The Attached Family magazine, explains at Use the login provided to you in the fall/winter issue of The Attached Family magazine or at