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  • Surgery

    I've been schedualed for a hystorectomy since my dd birth. I've been procrastinating in getting it done up until this point. The surgeon said that I must be done breastfeeding before he'll do the surgery, and I'm still nursing my dd to sleep (She's 2 right now). My dd will not go to sleep for anyone other than me and she enjoys having some num num before going to sleep. I'd planned on getting it done when she was older and didn't need me to go to sleep on her own. However I've been having some unusual symptoms. I've just recently gone for an ultra sound to find out the cause. I'm worried that they will find something that is going to bump up the surgery before i'm ready and my dd is ready. Has anyone else had to go for surgery with a child who is well attatched to you? How did your lo react. Does anyone have any suggestions on if i do have to go for surgery how i can help her cope with the dramatic change? Or does anyone know of any literature out there that I can read.

    FYI: I suspect that she is understanding some of my adult conversations about what's happening to me because in the last couple of days she has started saying "mommy don't leave me". I have been trying to comfort her by saying "Mommy's not going anywhere right now and if I do have to go somewhere Mommy will give you lots of Notice." and i've been attempting to have the conversations when she's not around or is busy doing something else. But she's very bright and knows that something is up.