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Is She Ready for the Potty?

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  • Is She Ready for the Potty?

    For the past few days, my 21 month old insists on getting on the potty every time I change her diaper. We read books and she sits there for a long time with no results. Is she telling me she is ready or is this just a passing phase?
    As far as Dr. Sears readiness check off...

    Imitates your toileting
    Verbally communicates other sensations, such as hunger
    Understands simple requests, such as "go get ball"
    Begins to pull diapers off when wet or soiled, or comes to tell you he's dirty
    Follows you to the bathroom
    Able to pull clothes off
    Climbs onto the potty-chair or toilet
    Has dry spells: stays dry at least three hours
    Investigates his or her body equipment

    She is doing everything except having a dry diaper for 3 hours, I'd say that is more like 1 hour. I don't want her to get set up with the wrong signals or burn her out on the potty.
    Thanks for your opinions :-)

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    neither of my children had all of the signs checked off before they began potty training. i tried to be pretty hands-off about it. if they wanted to use it, i'd invite them to go, if not, i wouldn't make a big deal. they eventually trained pretty much on their own.