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Can u be too attached?

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  • Can u be too attached?

    My 16 month old son constantly wants to be held...99% of the time by me. If he cries I pick him up and perople constantly tell me I'm spoiling him or that Im gonna be screwed if I always pick him up because he will never leave me alone. I usually dont mind that he wants my attention and Im not going to let him cry. Am I wrong in responding EVERY time he wants me??? I'll agree its hard sometimes because I cant get alot done with him constantly in my arms but if it is good for him I dont mind...if its not...what do I do??? Am I making him too attached to me???

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    Absolutely not, you are creating a secure attachment, if you respond to his needs when he asks, then before you know it he will be off and doing his own thing, feeling totally secure that you are there for him. My daughter at 20mo. has gone through her very clingy phases to her total independent phase and now we are somewhere in the middle. I think you are doing the right thing. If it was bothering you it would be different but if you're not the one having the problem then good for you and you know what's best for your son. We did start around 18mo. the okay and then I would say oh but wait mommy needs to do one thing first but then I would go right to her and pick her up. I never denied her just got her used to waiting a little while.


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      Thanks. I know I'm doing the right thing...its just hard with everyone saying negative stuff....I think I just needed to hear someone say I wasnt crazy!