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Getting mad at Mom/Giving up

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  • Getting mad at Mom/Giving up

    My 4 year old daughter gets upset when certain things don't go her way and then she gets mad at me. An example would be I enrolled her in a reading prep class in which I am in with her. The class consists of 10 4-5 year olds, one parent, and a teacher. It is pretty structured where the kids must raise their hand to answer a question. Well, if my daughter doesn't get called upon she gets mad, shuts down and refuses to do anything else. Worst of all she gets mad at me. Another time her friend didn't say hi back when she told her hi (because the friend was paying attention to the teacher). She doesn't make a scene or anything but she is mad and wants to leave. I'm not sure if this is a 4 year old deal, a personality thing, or if I need to just be handling it a certain way. The class is only for 5 weeks (Friday's only) for an hour. Last week I took her outside and asked her what was going on, and she wouldn't answer me (although I know her friend not saying hi back was the trigger). She told me she wanted to go home, well I don't want her to give up so fast so I told her we were going to finish up and then go home...but she does this in other similar situation as well...this was just an example. What can I do?!?!?