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Aggression in toddler

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  • Aggression in toddler

    In the past few weeks my "baby", who just turned 18 months, has been having some rough days/parts of days where he seems to get VERY frustrated and slaps me in the face, bites me (on my leg, arm, shoulder), makes frustrated sort of choking noises, intentionally bangs his head on something to make himself cry....from what I understand, this is him expressing his frustration with not being able to control everything in his life but I must say that I make his life VERY comfortable and he has VERY few frustrations (I say "yes' 90% of the time or more). Plus, sometimes these episodes come on without any warning and not as a result of me saying "no". At first I thought it was teething (he used to bang his head when he was teething to create a counter pain) but I don't think that's what it is this time. I'm confused and a bit worried because he is generally a very happy and content baby, I still BF on demand, we bed share, I don't work and spend every second of the day and night with him! Any ideas what could be going on with him? Thanks!

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    How is this going...frustrated behavior still occurring? Any more or less frequently than when you first posted?


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      I agree, that does sound very frustrating. I know I've tried to work out the "logic" around my daughter's moods /actions many times and sometimes it just increases my frustration to try to figure her out or what I did wrong or could have done differently. Luckily, the "stage" passes and the next month it will be different issues entirely. I think toddlers/babies can be very forgiving. As much as they seem extremely angry with us at the time and we take it very personally, within minutes of feeling better, they have forgotten what they were mad about and can be very loving too. It's a roller coaster! I honestly couldn't do it being home all day. I am a teacher and had a great summer with my daughter but now I'm back at work full time and there are days I'm glad to be! Sometimes I feel like I'm ambushed by her moods and walking on pins and needles. I guess the same will happen again when they enter teen years eh?

      I just reread your message and noticed he is 18m. I know that that's exactly about when my daughter's tantrums were the worst. She started some around 15m and then it was pretty bad at times up to about 20m. Then it got better.
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