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potty training/naked time/outside! lol

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  • potty training/naked time/outside! lol


    My DD is 23 months and LOVES being naked ... and has for a while. about 5'ish months ago, we got her a potty just to have around, get familiar with and play with. she used to sit on it in the bathroom when i'd potty. cute she never did anything more than sit on it and play and we never pushed anything at all with it. now she doesnt like it at all. she'll open it, maybe put a toy on it, maybe take the soft seat out ... but she has NO desire to sit on it. which is fine, but she is doing some other potty type behaviors that are interesting to me and i wanted to see what people thought ... she is our first, so I dont know!

    we let her be naked whenever she wants at home and over time, she has learned that she HATES to pee and have it go down her legs. SO, now when she has to pee, she'll usually tell us - pretty cool and i'll say "would you like to sit on your potty" -- 'NAH NAH!" ... "would you like a diap on?" -- "Okay". we use a lot of cloth and she'll literally pee in 2 minutes, then say she needs the diap off. which i do and she's ready to roll. she usually naps naked and no accidents. She seems to 'hold' for a long time .. i dont know what is normal for a length of time? but i was surprised that it can be hours.

    we also have dogs ... and sometimes when DD has to pee ... she says "need outside" ... and she pees there. so, apparently, i have housebroken her lol

    i was thinking about buying her underwear for fun as she really doesnt like to pee sans diap. and she really doesn't care to wear a diap unless she has to pee (or poo).

    i assume this is all normal and that she will eventually want to sit on her potty on her own. i'm in no hurry, just wanted some thoughts as i hope putting the diap on or putting her outside are not entirely counter-productive.


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    My 2nd dd is 27 months, and is also doing a lot of what you described. I think this is all totally normal, and I just try to go with her lead. She pretty consistently will tell me now when she needs a diaper change (right after she has pooped, but not usually immediately after she pees). If she's in a naked mood, she will ask either for a diaper or the potty when she needs it. I also started asking her as soon as she wakes up in the morning if she wants to sit on the potty, or just kind of taking her in and doing that. Especially when her nighttime diaper is relatively dry. But I definitely wouldn't push the issue of using the potty for your dd while she is temporarily resistant to it. She will get interested again, don't worry. As for the panties, she may treat them just like diapers and then you'll have more mess on your hands. Naked vs diaper is a pretty clear distinction, but panties vs diaper doesn't feel all that different.