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    My dd is 2 1/2 yrs old. She's a very bright girl and picks up on things really quickly. For the last 6 months I have been trying on and off to get her potty trained. I've done all the gimicks i can think of. We've bought little pottys, potty inserts with herfavorite character on it. I've tried giving her naked time. All that we accomplished there was her peeing and pooping everywhere. She's not bothered by it running down her legs. We've tried timing her so we're putting her on every hr to see if we can catch a pee. When we did catch one or two of them we would praise her and hug her and tell her how proud we were she was turing into a big girl (although this may not have been seen as a reward since we tell her this all day long ) But now she won't even sit on the potty. She'll scream and cry beggin for her diaper if we put her on. She knows when she's going pee and poo because if we look at her while she's going poo she'll wave her hand at us and say "I'm not going poo, look that way". I've even tried those pull ups that make you feel cold when your wet but that doesn't even faze her. I wouldn't push her except when I try to give her daiper changes she screams and cries at me she not wet/dirty and she doesn't need a diaper change. I'm finding this very frustrating because I'm 2 months preganant and suffering from sever hyperemesis gravadarum and really would like it if she would just use the potty or at least behave during diaper changes instead of kicking at me. Ohh I have bought regular underwear too but unfortuantly because of the sever morning sickness and the Iv lines in my arm I can't rinse them out in the potty, that's why I've had to go wih disposables.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get my dd potty trained. Feel free to ask for more information if you need it. I know my sentences are not easy to read sometimes

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    It seems like she probably knows that you want her to pee/ poo on the potty, and for whatever reason, she is just not ready to do it yet. She might be feeling some pressure as to what she should do; what big girls should be doing. It may be that you need to drop all suggestions, hints, and directions of using the potty for a while and try it again when everyone's in a new phase.

    Were you hoping to have her learn how to use the potty before the new baby arrives? I think that's pretty common. I'm just wondering if she's picking up on your stress about the potty issue (and maybe other things like your pregnancy & the fact that you're not feeling well), and also perhaps sensing that there's a "deadline" for her to be using the potty. The fact that she tells you to look away when she's going in a diaper, and denies that it's happening, makes me think she's picking up signals on the stigma of diaper vs. potty.

    When there's absolutely no pressure about going pee/ poo in diapers, and she knows that it is totally 100% OK and acceptable, she may be up for having them changed, and the physical struggle with them may go away. I think it is worth a try!


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      i have been trying very hard not to put a stigma on her using either the potty or her diaper. I think she is getting it from other sources. Eg. yesterday my parents had my dd all day. i've aked them to not put any pressure on her. to simply ask if she want to use the potty and if she says no to respect it. they have been very good at respecting my wishes. Unfortunalty they were watching another girl who's 8 and she told dd that she stinks. She also told dd that she must be a baby bcause she still wears her diaper. So i'm having trouble filtering outside sources. But thank you for the suggestions