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What does AP look like beyond the baby years?

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  • What does AP look like beyond the baby years?

    Once your kids outgrow babywearing, breastfeeding, and co-sleeping, how do you maintain attachment parenting? What does AP look like in your families with older children (like over age 4)? Are there techniques you find most important, or use most often?

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    My kids are 9 & 10, now. And, we still co-sleep as needed. In our house everyone sleeps where they can get the best night's sleep, as long as they are not making others uncomfortable (i.e. on dad's night off, when mom & dad want some time alone...). I'm sure that as teen need for privacy hits, they'll both start wanting to sleep in their own beds every night. No hurry until then.

    Besides that, the feelings of mutual respect that we built with our children when they were in their pre-school years has carried over well into their elementary years. We use love & logic type natural learning. We don't add punishment into the lesson that their mistakes naturally provide, although we may help them to make amends or ask that they take some time to cool down & think about a situation.

    We don't expect the kids to do certain things because they are a certain chronological age. We know that they'll take their steps towards independence when they're ready. And, they always do, eventually (and confidently).