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Looking for some advice about starting pre-school

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  • Looking for some advice about starting pre-school

    Not sure if this is really the place to be asking, but I just wanted to know about how people have coped with the transition to pre-school. My little one has only ever been left with grandparents a couple of times (it has taken her a long time to get to that stage) and now leaving her with adults and children that she doesn't know is going to be really difficult.
    I am sure my little one will not settle if just left at pre-school without having got used to the environment and the staff first. But the staff have suggested that I leave after an hour in the first day. Is this normal? I am worried that the exprerience of 'being left on her own' may be really traumatic an override any desire to be at pre-school which I think she will actually really enjoy.

    Any suggestions?
    Thanks, Sam

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    I'd take as much time as you can to let her get used to the preschool....find many reasons to go "visit" there and take her with you...drop off forms, talk to the teacher, ask more questions, etc. It's nice they let you stay for an hour on the first day; I might talk to the teachers about staying as long as needed for the first few weeks. Hopefully, they'll be willing to work with you on making the transition as smooth as possible for her. And of course, when the time comes, just continue to follow your daughter's cues as to how she adjusts to the situation. It might just be good to take things one day at a time and see how it goes!


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      Thank you! Its nice to get some reassurance. I just feel that there is a pressure to just leave on the first day. I am hoping to stay for a while for the first couple of weeks so that LO is used to the routine of the day before just leaving straight away. Will see how it goes....



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        Thanks for the tips it was very helpful i appreciate it