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    I'm having quite a bit of trouble with my son who is 11 months old. He has always been very attached, he isn't regularly held by anyone other than myself or my husband. But now it's kind of ridiculous, I haven't been able to set him down in five days without him screaming. I used to be able to put him down and we'd make a game out of exploring the house while I did chores. He also used to eat at the table, now he's only eating while we're playing or in my arms. I'm really not sure what to do at this point, I need to eat or make myself tea. I'm starting to resent my son because I can't take care of his demands and my basic needs. I know that I'm exhausted and not being very constructive in my problem solving. I really need some advice other than to just let him cry while I do what I need to.

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    That's about the age I bought a Beco, so I could wear my son on my back. He would be happy, but not in the way, especially while cooking.

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    i suggest wearing the baby at this point... it's what i had to do with my son around that age and on a few other developmental milestones... i found that when i wore him more often we were both quite a bit more content...

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    I LOVE the ergo for that! Pop her on my back and we go ... She doesn't always love it but most often it gives me the break I need! Good luck to you - thank goodness this WILL pass eventually.

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    Tranquilizers (for yourself) haha I joke no my friend used her ergo at this point lol

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    Wear him, wear him, wear him! It makes such a difference. If you can substitute walking to complete one of your errands instead of driving, wear him to that. Or instead of putting him in the shopping cart at the grocery store, put him in the ergo while you shop. Just twenty minutes of mommy face to face time makes a big difference in a day. My two year old still craves a bit if baby wearing from time to time and I still notice a difference in his behaviour when I do.