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correcting/interrupting toddler

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  • correcting/interrupting toddler

    Hi...I'm not sure where to put this post. It's about my 24 month old DS. He is very verbal and really thinks about things and is always labeling things or making statements about things, like "this is a blue cup". The thing is, I don't know when I should correct him. A couple of examples of his speech and my responses...

    1) sometimes he is just playing - it's a game for him and he's hold up a pen and say "this is a backpack" and I'll say "really?" and he'll laugh and say "this is a t-shirt" etc etc etc and it is clearly a game for him, so I'm not worried about that situation

    2) sometimes he'll look at something red and say "it's yellow" and usually I don't want to totally contradict him so I'll say "yes and yellow too" this instance should I flat out correct him and say "no, it's not red, it's yellow" or is my response ok? He does this not just for colors, that's just an example.

    3) sometimes when he's playing on his own (near me), he'll start singing (in a little voice) and once I figure out what he's singing, I sometimes say 'Oh, yes..." and then I sing it. Is this too disruptive? Should I let him just stay in his own world with his own thoughts without me interrupting him? Sometimes he looks happy to see me singing but still I'm not sure it's the best thing for me to do. Maybe I should just leave him alone at times like that....?

    Thanks for any input on this!

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    I have a very verbal 2 year old too, I was really worried about colors because she really didn't seem to be able to differentiate certain colors. Now I know I was over-reacting. So 1. I think you're totally right sometimes they love games where things turn into other things or they use the wrong word. 2. I usually use a playful voice and correct her, then I find out whether it was a game or she's struggling to find the correct name for something. So for example she will pull out an toy watermelon and she calls in milk, (I'll say no that's not milk that's a watermelon) Sometimes she says oh watermelon, others like yesterday she says no Mommy it's the baby's milk. Well now I know she was just pretending. 3. I find my daughter willing tells me when I'm not supposed to join in, so I try and join in when she does something like that, and sometimes she just looks at me and says no Mommy, no Singing, Or Mommy read, rest, etc. It sounds like your doing a great job, I wouldn't second guess yourself on any of this.


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      I think your responses sound very sensitive to his needs! I can tell you're putting a lot of thought into how you interact with your wonderful. Just based on the amount of thought you're giving each interaction, I don't think you need to worry too much. Keep doing what you feel is most appropriate each time!