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  • Respectful Potty Training

    I have read about raising babies without diapers, or getting them out of diapers by two. I am pregnant and would like to do that with my second baby. However, I did not do that with my first child, and now my daughter is three-and-a-half and still in diapers. How can I help her to toilet-train, and how do I start it better with my second baby? American parenting educator Naomi Aldort answers on The Attached Family online magazine at

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    Many parents fall into a routine with their new baby sometime in the first few months of life. Eating and sleeping habits go from having almost no predictability to settling into some level of expectedness. Over the first few years, with the addition of family activities, classes, friends, and preschool, parents and kids must somehow find a way to fit everything efficiently into their busy days. Establishing routines helps with this. Routines add comfort and security to families’ lives. Parents are able to feel more prepared in caring for their children, and kids can depend on the familiarity of “how things go.” American discipline educator and Attachment Parenting International leader Kelly Bartlett explains, also on The Attached Family online magazine at

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    Respectful Potty Training

    My kids are still in the training phase. We use diapers at night still. My son just today he is 4 did #2 on the potty. My girls are almost 3 and have been using the potty for about 6 months with a few accidents, but again diapers at night.

    For our trip we leave this Sunday and will be using a diaper or pull-up for the plane trip, but will still ask them if they need to go, they like to be out of diapers/pull-ups if they are wet. But really would rather not have to worry about a possible accident should they forget or cant go when we go to the bathroom.

    Just take diapers if she is not comfortable doing #2 in the potty yet. It hasnt set my kids back at all, we use them at nap and bedtime still.