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First trip to the Dentist book recommendation?

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  • First trip to the Dentist book recommendation?

    Hi everyone, I've made a dentist appointment for my 2 year old DS (25 months) who I suspect has a couple of cavities in 1 tooth. I am really worried about his reaction to the dentist because he is already afraid of doctors. It is a child dentist, so hopefully that will help, but I'd also like to do everything possible to prepare him....including NOT preparing him, if that might also be best....any opinions either way? The one thing I thought would help would be a book explaining what to expect...could someone recommend a book? Perhaps the Berenstein Bear's book or is there another one more appropriate for a 2 year old? Thanks in advance for any advice on this.

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    Hi! My 30 month old has been to the dentist three times (fourth coming up in two weeks), and they've been a bit tough, with a lot of screaming and a filling already. But . . . since she's become a little bit older (it's been a few months since her last visit), we've been "practicing" being at the dentist together. She needs to go in for a filling, and I've laid her down on the floor and showed her step by step what will probably happen, and then I've let her do it to me as well. She likes it, and now it's a bit of a game. Whether that will translate into a good visit? Who knows.

    The other thing I just did with her today is that I took her to a dental visit with me. I had to get fit for a nightguard, so it was a short appointment, and she just sat on my lap while they did that, and then the dental hygenist gave us rides up and down a few times. She walked around the office and saw different people doing their work, and one of them gave her gloves and a mask to wear at home. She really liked that and wanted to play dentist when we got home, which we did.

    Anyway, that's where we are . . . it's tough. I don't know if that helps at all, but good luck with everything!


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      First trip to the Dentist book recommendation

      My daughters first trip was when she was 18months old. We pretended to go to sleep and then when she fell asleep we got up.