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Diaper Struggles

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  • Diaper Struggles

    My 14 month old daughter hates getting her diaper changed. She poops a LOT.

    I am patient and wait for her to calm down and finish what she is doing but I can't get her to lay down to take of the diaper. For pee diapers that is fine, I just change her standing up but for poop it is another story. I am very gentle with her but she screams because I am restricting her movement.

    I sing silly songs, distract her with toys, let her handle the wipes but when she wants to get up there is nothing I can do. I'm pretty mellow about it but she persists in shrieking out at the injustice.

    It really upsets me because I think what I would feel if someone were trying to do that to me. I don't want to overreact here but it just feels wrong.

    Is it too early to offer a potty? Is it too late for elimination communication? I feel like this upset is for a reason and I need to adjust ... but how?

    Your help is appreciated.


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    I would start potty training. It's not too early if you do it right. Just remember not to force the issue, make it fun.

    But in the meantime. try changing where you change her, my son doesn't like his changing table but does well on the floor. So I just throw a blanket down and take care of business right on the living room floor (works better for me anyway, I don't have to run up the steps 15 thousand times a day). Maybe put her favorite show on and as soon as she attempts to move, turn it off. Also, warn her before you go to change her "we're gonna get you a clean hiney in a minute", "okay it's time for a clean hiney, mommy is getting your diaper", "wanna help mommy get your wipes out" a few warnings before may get her ready.


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      Here are some of the comments from facebook:

      "I know the feeling. Pretty frustrating.
      Blowing a raspberry on my daughter's stomach helps most times.
      She starts giggling and shrieking with JOY, giving me the 10 seconds necessary to clean up the mess.
      Maybe it will work for you?
      Good luck!"

      "agreed. no easy solution. I do the same. sing. distract....whatever it takes...but is impossible."

      "My 20 month has hated changing for 7 months. I have a snow globe that I wind up that helps. I also blow bubbles, or have daddy do it. He understands to point at things to count, so I ask him to count, and he points all over the room as I co...unt. That really helps. Or I put a shirt or something in his head, and ask where he is, thinks its so funny : )
      U could try potty training to see if she's ready. I just think most toddlers are too busy to have their diaper changed : )"


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        Diaper Struggles

        I too agree it might be time to start potty training. Also changing her on the floor or wherever she is might help. It is very frustrating...sometimes just telling them that they cannot have their snack or do "whatever" until they have a clean diaper will help. She will eventually concede unless you do first.
        It is just hard at this time in their development to submit to our "demands" they want to be in charge.
        Good luck.


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          this is about the age when my DD began doing that as well. Something that worked for us was asking her is she wanted her diaper changed. At first, she said no everytime. I'd ask, no, wait 5 min, ask again, no, wait etc etc you get the picture. By the 5th or 6th time asking-so probably 30 minutes later-she'd say yes because it was starting to get uncomfortable(there were times she'd go for an hour or so however). I think she just needed to feel in control of her evironment instead of me forcing her when she was in the middle of something. Now when I ask(5 months later) she quickly says yes and has taken an active role-holding the diaper, handing me wipes etc. I still get an occasional tantrum once a week but it was literally EVERY TIME for 10 minutes before. Good luck!


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            I just wanted to say thanks for the suggestions. It has been a month of floor changes in front of the television. We only turn it on to change her diaper and we give her a fair warning before we do it. Now we ask if she wants her potty changed and she starts yelling "BABIES!" (short for Baby Signing Time) and runs over to the TV. We aren't really happy that she is watching TV but there was no other way around it. I couldn't take the struggle and didn't want to progress down that road.

            We've also begun introducing her to the potty and letting her sit on it sometimes, but she isn't really that interested. She just carries it off and starts banging it on the floor. But slowly we are investigating and seeing what it is all about. I have plans to make her a little potty area and hand washing/tooth brushing station in the bathroom.

            I thought of this tread because we had a relapse this evening and I am so sad that I didn't realize that she had a diaper rash and started screaming and kicking. I kept trying to give her things and sing but she flipped out and I was smeared in poop and had her by one leg nearly upside down. Poop was everywhere and dinner was burning. I really lost my patience and resorted to holding her down while she screamed. My poor baby had diaper rash (I figured this out on the next diaper) and that is why she was so squirmy and irritable. I really lost my head and was way too physical with restraining her and getting her to repeatedly lay down. She was so upset. I totally overpowered her ... I've never been that way with her and I ache that I treated her that way.