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    My daughter is 17 months old and I never really considering potty training until closer to 2-I had always thought we'd try a few months before her bday. Well, she's VERY verbal and keeps complaining to me that her diaper is "dirt", pulling at it uncomfortably, bringing me diapers etc. So, I told her to tell me when she needs to go "doo" just to see if she would. She has told me pretty consistently before, during or just after about 80% of the time for the last week or so. I bought her a potty chair and a cute storybook about it and thought the next time she tells me, I'll ask her what she wants to do. So, she said she wanted to try the "big potty"(reallly just a little chair) and I sat her on it, I sat on the big one and settled in to read her the story and wait. She went BALLISTIC! Screaming like I was trying to kill her or something.
    So, I've never done this before but I don't want to force her into anything before she's ready and I don't really agree with making potty training a huge deal to where it's all the poor kid can think about. We stopped trying the potty after one more time but she's still telling me when it's wet/poopy and wants it changed right away(this was the same child who used to run away screaming when she saw the diaper come out a few months ago. It used to take 10 min to change a diaper cause she wouldn't stop trantruming, so this is a big change)
    My question is I guess--Is she just not ready yet? Is there a way to do this more lovingly and AP and I'm just missing it? I'm kind of worried that she'll get comfortable sitting in dirty diapers and stop talking to me about it over time and then when she is closer to 2, won't be interested.
    Thanks in advance, I really appreciate any advice

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    I think it can be easy to think of potty training or not - when really it's a biiiig continuum (if that makes any sense!) Personally I would just be super relaxed and go with the flow - if she tells you before, ask if she would like to try the toilet (or potty if you prefer - mine both hated them and went straight to the loo with a seat on) if she does (again only what I would do) would be to tidy round the bathroom, busy yourself - so you're there but not zoning in on the toilet action which can put a lot of attention/pressure on toddler iyswim; if she just fancies having a bash, thinking there are expectations can freak some out a bit If she tells you during or afterwards I would just echo back "you're having or had a pee/poop" and say brightly lets get a nice clean one and change you then... I found it can also help for you to verbalise ie "i need to pee" and take toddler to bathroom - chatting to her about the steps along the way - momas having a pee on the toilet! here's the paper, now let's wash hands etc
    HTH a bit!


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      My 18 month old daughter is doing the same thing...I bought a potty a few months ago to put in the bathroom just to get her used to it being there. She knows what it is and what it's for. I got her to sit on it a few times, once resulting in a pee (coincidental). But since then she hasn't wanted to sit on it. I've never pushed the issue...just suggested it and she insists "no!" Well today we were playing and all of a sudden she says "potty!" and goes toward the bathroom. I followed her and pulled her diaper off. She sat down for a minute and then said "all done." I looked, and she had peed! I let her know how cool it was that she told me she had to potty and that she had gone in the potty. But since then, when I offer to take her to the potty she yells "no!" I plan on just taking it how it comes. It's so early to worry about pushing the issue. Just keep casually telling her that she won't have to worry about wearing a wet or dirty diaper if she goes in the potty. Don't worry about her getting used to wearing a dirty diaper. My guess is that in the next few months she will be able to understand more about going potty and will become more willing!