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No more diapers! But what about nighttime?

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  • No more diapers! But what about nighttime?

    My 32 month old ds decided last week that he's had enough of diapers!! Yeah! We've been potty learning off & on for a year or so but much more so in the last month & about 5 days he decided - bye bye diapers. It's fantastic - and he is doing amazing.

    My question is what do I do at night? We went as far as throwing away all his remaining diapers - he threw them out the door!! So he thought there were none left. The first night he was fine with nothing & actually woke up to go pee around 1am. The second night he wet the bed & was very freaked out & confused by the rude awakening - it took a while to calm him.
    After that I asked him if he wanted to where a diaper the next night. He said yes. Then we went shopping for special night time underwear (pullups) - he knows it's a diaper & he's fine with them but I'm afraid I will hinder the process if I'm the one convincing him to wear them.
    Should I just to with nothing & maybe use pads down or something?? I don't want him to be embarassed though if he does wet the bed. He still seems so young to me to go without anything at night.

    What have you women done with your lo's??
    Thank you.

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    Maybe invest in some of the trainer underwear? The ones that have the soaker pad in them. That might help absorb some of the "oops" and give him enough time to wake up before all is soaked. Actually, the more I think about it, I found a pattern for trainer underwear that has a waterproof outer layer that would work very well for night time, and I'm going to make some for my son. It's underwear, so it shouldn't affect his confidence...
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      And Yay for him!


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        That's a good idea - I have the quilted underwear - he doesn't want to wear anything at all. The biggest problem is because we have one of those waterproof mattress covers - the pee doesn't soak in at all - in just spreads on the sheets right. So when he does pee if it's a big one - the sheet & him end up soaking wet from head to toe. I think that's why he got so freaked out last time.
        I'll research cloth trainers & see what I come with.


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          Congrats on bye bye diapers! What a milestone

          I, too, had a lot of questions about nighttime potty learning. there doesn't seem to be a lot of info. out there.
          I gathered up our experience into a blog that you may find useful:

          Good luck!!


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            We are alsp newly potty trained at our house my DD is about 31mo. and we did try a few times with nothing at night but when she wet it was so upsetting to her and exhausting for the rest of the house we have a 2mo. old as well. And I thought it's asking a lot to ask her to stay dry all night long I just don't think she's ready for that. So at naps we put a diaper on over her underwear so she can get good rest even if she does pee while sleeping and at night it's just a diaper. We talk about how she is a big girl now but she can't control her body when she's fast asleep and we want her to get rest. Then first thing in the morning we talk about how she's a big girl and it's time to go potty and get rid of the diaper. It seems to work just fine and most times when she wakes up she's wet. It saves us from embarrassment or upset that I worry would just set her back if she felt like she was failing all the time. We have the cloth trainers and for my daughter they aren't absorbent enough for sleep times.


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              First of all yeah!! Such a fun milestone! My son is 3 and has been potty trained for a while now but he was always a heavy wetter and now a frequent bathroom

              Anyways we still do a diaper on at night...he just isnt ready to make it through the night at all. I wouldnt be to worried about it hindering any other progress....sounds like he is doing great! And to be honest, my son does great all other times.....

              But if you areworried, I would certainly check out the suggestions about the training underware and see if that is enough to wake him up and get him to use the bathroom. If it does keep causing alot of wake ups in a confused state and it takes a while to calm down and get back to bed you may want to revist the diaper.

              Good luck, I hope you find what works for you all!