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Desperate for help-- toddler naps

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  • Desperate for help-- toddler naps

    I don't know what to do. I have a 29 month old and 8 week old. The 2yo is fighting naps. Mostly it's been just staying awake and playing-- no big deal to ms as she still gets rest, and I do too. But the past few days there is an all out tantrum. Yesterday I thought maybe she has just outgrown naps so I let her stay up. She was a total wreck. My husband was off of work and able to rock her and calm her until she actually wanted her crib. But I don't have the luxury of doing that as the 8 week old can't be left for that long. I hesitate to let her skip naps as I feel she may be incredibly exhausted. Right now she's upstairs yelling mommy, jumping and crying. It's breaking my heart. I wish I had the time to handle this better or in a different way. I guess I'm just wondering if we have come to the end of nap time era. If we have, I'm not sure she'll get enough rest. Any suggestions?

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    My son is pretty close to the same age (31 mos) and hasn't napped since about 29 mos.

    When he first started not napping it took a few days of a very cranky little man, but then he started sleeping longer at night. i had to keep reminding myself that he was very tired and to be patient, and it broke my heart when he had meltdowns.

    What works for us when he's obviously super-tired is I put a pillow and blanket on the couch and he'll snuggle up and usually fall asleep.

    I really hope this works out for you quickly.


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      Thx Katrina... There seems to a similar approach among moms on other forums. I tried it the past two daysxamd it's going well. I like your idea about the pillow.. She does lay down and rest in the living room from time to time. She laughs like it's a game but I also think it's a needed quiet break....she seems happier overall...yay!