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    Hi there.. I use PD most of the time, sometimes I slip up, when overwhelmed or just plain reacting!! but most of the time, I am OK.

    Recently, I have found bedtime a little difficult... I lost my temper the other evening, when my daughter was in the bedroom, flicking on and off the main light and I really wanted her to settle in for the night. I grabbed her angrily and looked at her face on and said "I said NO, NO!" and then I told her to get in to bed, put her head on the pillow and go to sleep, also throwing the duvet cover over her. I feel I was quite intimidating and disrespectful. I lay down by her and held her as she fell asleep and then she woke up once and wanted me to cuddle her in the night. The next day she brought it up to me that Mummy was angry about the light and that I had said NO. I explained I was tired and wanted us both to get some sleep....

    what could I have done differently? was this an Ok outcome? was this unacceptable of me?

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    Boy, I certainly have had my share of "flipped-lid" moments with my kids! I think it's impossible to stay calm and rational 100% of the time...we ALL have situations that don't go how we'd like, so don't be too hard on yourself. We just pick ourselves up, hug our kids and keep on going. I think mistakes can actually be great learning opportunities for both children and parents. Children learn that we are have emotions, too, and parents learn more about ourselves, our triggers, and how we can work to become an even better mom. Mistakes are perfect opportunities to model apologies, too. So, rather than dwell on what went wrong, just try to embrace this learning opportunity for what it offers. Just being aware of what happened and how it could go differently is a huge step in positive parenting, and you're clearly very aware!

    I wrote about the concept of do-overs in a recent blog post....This is an entry in my personal blog, so I hope it's OK to link it here: Parenting From Scratch: "Starting Over". You sound like a very compassionate mama...hang in there and I'm sure next time will go differently!


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      THank You, will now check this link.

      thank you -

      here's to all the Mammas!