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    My Son is 3 (turned 3 in Feb) and is very sensitive. He has always been ahead of the learning curve and the sensitive curve...and has always been this way.

    I was reading this article and these all fit my Son to a T

    •Is your child highly sensitive to his/her senses? An excellent sense of smell or hearing? Very sensitive to pain?
    • Does your child get emotionally overwhelmed easily? Does she feel a wide, yet intense range of emotions? Does she sometimes get so excited she withdraws?
    •Does your child have a depth greater than his peers, or even adults? Does he ask profound questions, think a lot on his own or reflect on his experiences?
    •Is your child highly aware of her surroundings? Does she notice when small household items are moved or minor changes in others, like a haircut?
    •Is your child very sensitive to other people’s emotions? Does he notice when someone is feeling sad and try to help him? Does he seem especially sensitive to the feelings of animals?

    I am not trying to label him by any means, but it's just becoming more and more clear that he is more sensitive than others his age and tends to be more reserved in larger groups etc.
    We just work with it and have learned to be careful how we phrase things with him, prepare him for larger outings, talk about emotions alot etc......

    It really isnt a big deal but sometimes I worry about him not wanting to play and join in w/friends or him always worrying how other people are feeling, or being so super sensitive to things people say to him, actually it's how you say them ......he picks up on tone and dilect and even the slightest twinge of raised expression can set him off and really just crush him, it's really sad to see when that happens actually.

    He is probably more empathic than alot of adults that I know. I just feel like this is alot of weight for such a little guy to carry around. This is one of the reasons we decided to put him Montessori this upcoming school year to help prepare for the big K day...a couple yrs down the road b/c I feel like he will need this adjustment.

    So I guess I am wondering if anybody else has a highly sensitive little one and if so have you been able to locate any good AP reading material regarding it? I am not looking for anything on how to change him or anything like that but more for us. I dont want to shelter him but expose him in healthy doses of real life. I think we have done a good job with it but he is getting older and being exposed to more people and situations and I just dont want to do any damage...if that makes sense. I dont know, I guess I am maybe a little concerned for his emotional balance more than anything.....

    I sorry this got really I needed to get it out. Thanks for any advice!
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    My daughter is highly sensitive, too! I just work on responding sensitively to her, which is not always easy. I just try to understand her world and her perspective as best I can, that helps. I read a few books that I enjoyed and that gave me some perspective. I'm a highly sensitive person, myself, so I can relate to my daughter pretty well, but I still found these books helpful:

    "The Highly Sensitive Child," by Elaine Aron.
    "The Highly Intuitive Child," by Catherine Crawford

    ...and maybe for your son...

    "The Strong Sensitive Boy," by Ted Zeff


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      Thank you, and Im not sure if it was you but thank you for posting this question on API on FB....I am really looking forward to response!

      I just ordered "The Highly Sensitive Child," by Elaine Aron so I am glad to hear that it is worth the read.

      Thank you again!