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  • We need some help!

    Hi Everyone! My little one of 1 year and 11 months is really starting with the tantrum phase now. He has always been relatively easy, but of late, esp the morning it has been really hectic. I just do not know how to help him, or deal with it. As a mommy I just want to hold him, but he gets even more frantic and mad if I just try to. I leave him in his bed and he cries so much, so I go to him and it makes him cry more! I feel at my wits end. I just do not like it that he cries like that...and it is not crying it is hysterical! What is the best way to deal with this?

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    That sounds tough! When our babies cry, it really is distressing. Here is some clarification on API's "Respond with Sensitivity" Principle along with a whole bunch of resources that can help you find something related to your particular situation, as each child's episodes can be so different. Let me know if you don't find what you need.


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      Thanks for the link, I will read through it! It is not easy, esp if you just dont understand what goes on in the little mind, and esp if they really dont want anything to do with you in the rage!


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        I really empathized when I read this - it has been my toughest thing in parenting - very draining and has led me to therapy about it and it is something I have really struggled with. Is there anyone you can talk to? any support networks - pref of like-minded peeps?
        How has it been recently?

        My daughter was a v calm baby - I co-slept/or we slept in same room next to one another - still breast feed now ( almost 3 1/2 - down to about once a day beforebed) and baby wore - tried to do Pos Discipline. It started around 13 months, but realy took off after 15 months esp about getting dressed and after naps - was soul detroying - I am taking about the distress tantrums - out of control ones, not the more 'logical - I want something' tantrums - I am fine with those.

        Shs is only just starting to grow out of them and when they do happen they are less intense and shorted - but it is distressing, and I hate to admit it - annoying at times as well as, embarassing too, esp with other parents who don't share my perspective and I 'mess up' quite frequently ....

        anyone else going through/been through this???

        lots of love and support and empathy

        try the book.... 'The Whole Brain Child' by Dan Siegel - v helpful