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potty training for kindergarten dilemma

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  • potty training for kindergarten dilemma

    My 3 year old is looking forward (in theory) to starting kindergarten in September but he is no where near potty trained (although he sometimes seems like he is on the way) and there is no way I am going to let him go there still in diapers with strangers (the teachers) trying to toilet train him or worse change his diaper!

    I've been trying to let him take the lead on this (and everything else) but I'm also trying to think how I could possibly encourage full training before september so that he can definitely go to kindergarten if he still really wants to (he doesn't have to).

    I was thinking I might say something like "you can't wear diapers in kindergarten so if you want to go you have to start wearing underwear and using the toilet al the time" but that doesn't seem quite right to say to him....or is it?

    Would love to hear what others have to say about this...words of wisdom....alternative ways of broaching the topic with him....thanks.